Call for Papers: Community Engagement and the Anthropologies of Health and Wellbeing

For our Spring 2020 special issue on Engagement in the Anthropologies of Health and Wellbeing, we seek submissions from community- and university-based researchers and scholars who actively engage with communities (of all kinds) in their anthropological research.  
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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Transformations through ‘Community First’ Engagement Practices


For this special issue, we seek submissions that showcase local, regional, national, and international research, community practice, and other initiatives that fall under the theme of transformations through ‘community first’ engagement). The issue aims to enhance understanding around the major social, political, institutional, cultural, and personal transformations that can come about through, or as a result of, collaborative community-campus engagement (CCE) experiences. 

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Now Online - Special Issue on Faith & Engaged Scholarship


Despite the prominence of the “secularization thesis” among academics prior to the turn of the millennium, religion is not in decline worldwide.

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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Art & Engagement


For our Spring 2019 special issue on Art & Engagement, we invite contributions from community and university based researchers, teachers, and scholars who actively and purposefully participate in community-engaged research, teaching, and learning as related to the theme of our special issue.

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Engaged Scholar Journal Fall 2016 Issue Is Out


Articles presented in our Fall 2016 issue reflect on theory and practice of community-engaged scholarship in various settings. They range from analyses of CES leadership and research processes in multi-stage and multi-partner projects to presentations of specific research and teaching projects in specific communities and settings. 

Posted: 2017-04-30

Become a Book Reviewer for ESJ

We invite engaged scholars from community and academia to collaborate with us as book reviewers. Consult the section "Books for Review" for what books are available for review at the moment and let us know what book interests you.  
Posted: 2015-06-18