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Transforming Conversations Feminism and Education in Canada since 1970

Edited By Dawn Wallin, Janice Wallace

2018 | McGill-Queen's University Press (external site)
Copy Available: Yes

Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9780773553576

What effect has feminism had on Canadian education since the 1970 Royal Commission on the Status of Women, and to what end? Transforming Conversations explores post-commission feminist thought and action in the contexts of primary, secondary, post-secondary, and adult education.

In this volume, teachers, professors, and educational administrators - many trailblazers themselves - document the historical experiences and outcomes of feminist action in university faculties of education, departments of educational administration, academic and professional societies, teachers’ unions, and community groups over the past five decades. They begin by exploring liberal feminism as an initial response to the historical context in which female educators spoke up for women’s rights and reshaped formal education systems. The contributors further explore how feminist theory was reconceptualized as women moved into formal leadership roles across education sectors. Last, contributors consider female educators at the intersection of gender and other systems of exclusion, such as race and class, despite ostensibly inclusive feminist theory that continues to be bounded by Western, colonial, neoliberal ideologies.

Transforming Conversations considers the complex effects feminism has had and continues to have on Canadian education, acknowledges voices that have been marginalized, and invites readers to continue a transformative feminist dialogue.