Podcast Editor Needed


Typical Duties or Accountabilities: producing short, interview-based podcast episodes featuring researchers, educators, and community members whose work is published in or supported by the Engaged Scholar Journal

  • involves preparing for the interview (e.g. reading articles or other preparatory material, drafting interview questions, scheduling), conducting and recording the interview, editing the audio file, and producing “intro” and “outro” material when needed
  • liaising with the journal’s Editorial Team and Board to seek feedback on and improve the journal’s podcasts and/or overall podcasting initiative
  • facilitating podcast-form reviews of published material (such as scholarly monographs, community handbooks, or other podcasts) for the journal’s Reviews section
  • assembling reports on metrics and successes/challenges of the journal’s podcast initiative to deliver to the Board and other relevant parties

Skills and Experience: An ideal candidate will have existing experience with audio production, including:

Proficiency in the tools of audio production:

  • the responsible handling of audio equipment, such as portable recorders and microphones
  • audio editing software (Digital Audio Workstations)
  • audio hosting and publishing platforms
  • transcription software

Knowledge of responsible methods of audio production, including recording and editing ethics and metadata practices

A computer, and podcast editing equipment will be provided. Work can be completed remotely for a candidate who has good internet connectivity to conduct interviews and complete drafts and revisions after review by the editorial team.

Please submit cover letter, cv, and 2-3 example of podcasts or similar audio editing work where you have been the primary creator. Priority for hiring goes to students, and those in designated protected groups identified by the human rights commission.

Address application to engaged.scholar@usask.ca by November 3, 2023.