Developing an Evaluation Capacity Building Network in the Field of Early Childhood Development

  • Rebecca Gokiert
  • Bethan Kingsley
  • Cheryl Poth
  • Karen Edwards
  • Btissam El Hassar
  • Lisa Tink
  • Melissa Tremblay
  • Ken Cor
  • Jane Springett
  • Susan Hopkins
Keywords: community-university partnerships, early childhood development, evaluation capacity building, partnership development, engagement methods and practices


This reflective essay traces the development of an evaluation capacity building network within the early childhood development field. First, we describe the context for building the network using a community-based participatory approach and provide rationale for our specific focus on early childhood development. Second, we provide an explanation of the purpose and processes involved in three areas of significant engagement: partner, stakeholder, and student. We reflect on the methods of engagement used across these three areas and their impact on the outcomes that we achieved. Finally, we conclude the paper with some final considerations for guiding engaged scholars and with the next steps in our own work.