Call for Papers: Special Issue on Transformations through ‘Community First’ Engagement Practices

For this special issue, we seek submissions that showcase local, regional, national, and international research, community practice, and other initiatives that fall under the theme of transformations through ‘community first’ engagement). The issue aims to enhance understanding around the major social, political, institutional, cultural, and personal transformations that can come about through, or as a result of, collaborative community campus engagement (CCE) experiences.

The following themes are of special interest:

  • Transformations within post-secondary and funding institutions
  • New approaches to research ethics, as well as ownership and control of data
  • Important policy advances resulting from CCE projects
  • New approaches to evaluation practices of CCE projects
  • Changes in the practices and policies of community-based organizations
  • Epiphanies and transformations  in personal practices and approaches resulting from partnership-based CCE

Please note that we are interested in community submissions in various media (visual, audio, text) on reports from the field, exchanges (interviews), conference or workshop reports, cultural interventions, intergenerational initiatives, reflections on engaging with the university, and other community practices or initiatives relevant to the special issue themes. All submissions will undergo either editorial or peer review. Submissions for the Essays Section of the Journal will be subject to double, blind peer review, submissions to other Journal sections will undergo editorial review. 

Submission deadlines:

Abstracts due: 11:59pm EST, December 11, 2017

Submit abstracts using the form here

Final Submissions Due: February 14, 2018

Final Submissions to be submitted here