Call for Papers: Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 Issues Submission Dates


We seek previously unpublished original reflective essays and research articles, review articles, reports from the field, testimonies, multimedia contributions and book reviews focusing on community-engaged scholarship. We welcome contributions from community and academic partners, educators, researchers and scholars who pursue their work in collaboration with various communities in Canada and the world.

Deadline for contributions: 

                  Summer 2023 Issue (Regular/Non-Thematic) - February 15, 2023

                  Fall 2023 Issue (Regular/Non-Thematic) – March 30, 2023

For submission guidelines, please consult our website or reach us through

Phone number: +1306-966-2665  


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Current Issue

Vol. 8 No. 2 (2022): Challenging Exceptionalist Imaginaries through Feminist Community Engagements
Engaging Feminisms: Challenging Exceptionalism Imaginaries

Contemporary exceptionalisms are so commonplace that many slip by unremarked in the busyness of overheated neoliberal efforts to avoid asking: what is the just, meaningful, and critical work that matters most for supporting mutual flourishing across peoples, species, places, and spaces? Exceptionalisms are fundamental to prevailing structures of violence, bias, and the micro- and macro-aggressions they animate within and across borders and bodies. Practices for facilitating aggression and ignorance as privileged measures of power map rather neatly onto the current global pandemic to which they have given rise. 

Cover Image: Health Care Worker by Dawna Rose (2020)

Published: 2022-11-27



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