Co-authorship with Community Partners as Research Co-creation


  • Julia Fursova York University



community-academic partnership, co-authorship, engaged scholarship, knowledge co-creation


This report from the field provides reflection on the author’s experience of co-authoring a peer-reviewed manuscript with community partners for publication in an academic journal. The report reflects on the existential, logistical, and process-related challenges of applying community-based research and delivering its promise of knowledge co-creation while grappling with inequities imbedded in the realities of academic and non-academic life. Reflecting on the lessons learned, this paper probes into further considerations for the operationalization of ethical principles for equitable collaboration in community-based research. 

Author Biography

Julia Fursova, York University

(she/they) is Assistant Professor, Leadership Studies, Renaissance College, University of New Brunswick. Julia is a community engaged scholar applying participatory methods and techniques, including arts-based, to facilitate collaborative reflection and inquiry with a purpose to support transformative practice, leadership, and action that contribute to healthy, just, and sustainable futures for all. 


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Fursova, J. (2023). Co-authorship with Community Partners as Research Co-creation. Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching, and Learning, 9(1), 86–93.



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